Create Bootable Windows USB flash drive under Windows

I assume that you have basic understanding of: unzipping a file, mounting an ISO file, opening the Command prompt in Administrator mode and booting your PC from an USB flash drive.

  1. Either unpack or extract or mount your ISO file, let's say in %USERPROFILE%\win_files
  2. Insert your USB drive.
  3. Open CMD in Administrator mode and type diskpart
  4. A new Removable Disk should be showing up, named as 'win installer' with, let's say, letter E:\
  5. Go into the boot\  subfolder of where the installation files have been extracted at Step 1, in my case: cd %USERPROFILE%\win_files\boot
  6. We want to make the USB flash bootable with E:  the USB drive letter from Step 5.
  7. Copy the content of the folder from Step 1 onto the USB flash drive with xcopy  xcopy %USERPROFILE%\win_files\*.* E:\ /E /F /HThe syntax is  xcopy <source> <destination>  with the following options:
  8. Once the copy is done, safely unplug the USB drive and boot your PC from it.


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