LCD repair

In 2009, I bought a Iolair MB24W, one of those with a MVA display. Except the time when I had to reset the screen to restore the EDID (Press M, +, - until the blue led blinks 3 times), the screen works fine ... until recently.

The screen switches on but stays white. No picture at all, not even the OSD menu.

Let's look inside. Maybe it's a disconnected cable like most forum will suggest.


Until now, it looks good. Let's look at the electronic board.


Found it !! Three capacitors are dead. (The 3 purple ones). It's noticeable by the little dark liquid that escaped from the safety valve.

Either I replace the entire board, EMAX PWR1002406003, that cost ~40€ online or try to replace the 3 capacitors rated 1200µF 16V.


3€ later, the capacitors are changed and the screen is working again perfectly fine 🙂