Seeeduino Arch GPRS V2

I just received my Seeeduino Arch GPRS V2. The doc is as light as the price 🙂 So don't be afraid and open the Eagle file and the bottom of the product wiki page.

You'll also need the LPC11U37 datasheet and AN_SIM900 Reference Design Guide_V1.02 (you might find an online copy of the pdf is you don't want to register yourself).

Power the SIM900


Looking at the schematic,  POI1_7   is driving  the  PWRKEY  pin of the SIM900. And from the Reference guide, we can read:

The simplest way to turn on/off SIM900 is to drive the PWRKEY to a low level for 1 second then release.


POI_2  is also used to enable the EG10 power switch. The trigger is done by changing the pin from HIGH to LOW as depicted on the schematic.

That gives you the following code:

Simple GSM test

Now you can upload the following code.

It'll switch on the SIM900, send the AT command to the modem, read whatever the modem sent back and forward it on the USBSerial console.

If it works correctly, you should see the red STATUS led switching on and the green NETLIGHT led blinking.

Also, if you open a terminal emulator on your PC, you should see:


3 thoughts on “Seeeduino Arch GPRS V2

  1. Nice example!
    I was stuck getting serial USB comms to work for a while, thought it had something to do with the fact that it has an LPC11U37 controller, and most of the docs on mbed talk about LPC1768 or LPC11U24... But after starting the project from scratch, importing all libraries again and using your example it just worked.

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